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The Ombudsman Press, Inc. (OMB) has been a California corporation since 1980. We specialize in development and licensing of test instruments, publishing books, and consulting with clients. The scope of our corporation relates to schools and colleges, industrial corporations, and the health related professions throughout the world. Our present focus is with the measurement of school and college success and retention; stress assessment and management; and health and wellness. We also offer consultation and executive counseling in the above fields.

We are particularly interested in researching and developing products that deal with the more illusive, yet extremely powerful, affective side of learning and behavioral change. This is an area often ignored by other assessment professionals.

We further attempt, through curriculum development and consultation, to link assessment with interventions to better insure behavioral change. All too often assessment is taken without being linked to interventions, and changes in behavior are less possible.

Assessment programs for the 21st Century.